Hello, my name is Lt. Geneane Hughes. I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a concise yet brief glimpse of who I am, both personally and professionally. As many of you may already know, the most crucial component of my life is my family! As a proud mother of four children and a grandmother of three, I have been an altruistic public servant all of my career.  After being Honorably Discharged from the United States Army, I continued my public service career as a member of the Philadelphia Police Department (12 years) and then accepted a “Police Commander” position with the Missouri City Police Department (10 years). During my 20 + years of law enforcement experience, I have worked in Police Community Relations, Crime Victim Assistance, Criminal Investigations, Internal Affairs, Police Field Training, Police Leadership and Administration, Budget Management (Multi-million), and as an Administrative Grant Coordinator.

As a lifelong learner, although I have previously obtained a Business Management degree and a master’s degree in Public Administration, I am currently a Doctoral Student pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Organizational Leadership. To develop my professional and leadership skills as a law enforcement executive, I graduated from the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy (N.A.), Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command (S.P.S.C.), Bill Blackwood’s Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (L.E.M.I.T.), and the Women in Executive Law Enforcement Institute. During my career, I have developed the requisite skills, knowledge, experience, training, and education necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.    

Therefore, as your next duly elected Sheriff, my focus will be on preventing crime, listening to the needs of our community, and enforcing the law fairly and impartially regardless of social-economic status or geography.  My goals are to acquire the much-needed tools and resources for the Sheriff’s Office to solve crimes, educate the public, and lastly, provide for the health, welfare, and safety of the pretrial detainee’s in the care, custody, control, and management of county jails.   

However, to accomplish those aspirations as mentioned above, I will fully adopt the six (6) pillars of 21st Century Policing.  21st Century Policing focuses on the following components of law enforcement management (1) Building Trust and Legitimacy; (2) Policy and Oversight; (3) Technology and Social Media; (4) Community Policing and Crime Reduction; (5) Officer Training and Education; and (6) Officer Safety and Wellness. 

As your Sheriff, I will provide experienced hands-on leadership while implementing a compelling yet optimistic platform of “Smart Policing.” For example, as a successful Grant Administrator, I understand the utility and necessity of seeking external funding to aid the Sheriff’s Office.  This funding will be utilized for (a) procurement of Training Simulation Technology and Equipment, (b) in providing Community Oriented Policing Services, (c) in facilitating Adolescent Suicide Prevention Programs, and (d) in accumulating Human Trafficking Investigatory Resources. I will also concentrate on improving Fort Bend County law enforcement inter-agency communication and create a robust Police Athletic League to cultivate positive agency interaction with Fort Bend County’s youths.    

As a mother, United States Army Veteran, experienced law enforcement executive, proud resident of Fort Bend County, career public servant, and your next Fort Bend County Sheriff, I am committed to bringing diversity, transparency, inclusiveness, and humility to the Sheriff’s Office.   

I want to thank you for your support and moving forward, and please do not hesitate to contact my campaign for additional information


With the implementation of various programs, in conjunction with addressing the under-staffing, recruitment, and retention problems currently facing the Sheriff’s Office, the penultimate goal of my administration is to raise the morale of all Sheriff’s Office personnel.